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Discovering Myself, family, earth, gardening and flowers. Magic and Spirit are my favorite pleasures! 

I see Beauty in everything. Its an exciting, deep connection to Life, to Nature, to what is true and real. I can feel the living life force in everything around me, and I love to feel the connection of this life, as it flows through me.

To see, feel and witness the life, the light in everything around me, is truly awe inspiring. 

Somethings may appear at first, to be desolate and empty, dark or cold. Lifeless. But if you look close enough, you'll surely find something beautiful. Like stumbling across a heart shaped sacred mound of rocks in a seemingly dead and devoid of life area... or tiny purple wildflowers that go on for miles in a barren landscape, like a purple carpet spread out before you. And I have had the pleasure to meet many amazing souls, who have overcome unimaginable situations, only to shine and inspire thousands. I find myself in awe so very often, and feel so grateful to experience many different things in life.  I have experienced many highs on my journey, but, it is through the many lows I have experienced and overcome, that has given me the greatest perspective, the greatest wisdom, the greatest appreciation for this amazing life we live. As a mother to three beautiful souls, I choose to wake up everyday and create beauty. I choose to see the beauty, the love, the life in every moment. To inspire. To Love. Photographing the beauty of people, nature and special moments of celebration, is a passion I am so grateful for. 

I have been photographing people and things for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my mom always had hundreds of photos in baskets around our house, always taking pictures of everything! I absolutely love looking back on the amazing memories we create together, the feelings of Love,  and the moments that truly move our soul, our hearts. The moments that make up who we are.

I am In LOVE with sharing messages of Spirit, in all the beautiful and unique forms in which it expresses. 

I feel so honored, blessed and grateful to share the LOVE with you and all I connect with.

I love my family with all my Heart, gardening, alchemy, writing, traveling, magic and earth, heart shaped rocks, eating amazing real food, exploring new lands and meeting new people. Growing, learning and expanding everyday. Building a Strong Legacy and Foundation of Unconditional Love for the next seven generations. We are all divinely unique, and that is what excites my soul and passion! Everyone and everything possess their own, unique beauty! 

I walk with you. I stand with you. And I thank you for being YOU! 

You are Beauty. You are Strength.

Infinite. Eternal. Immortal. Universal.

Embrace Your Power. Your Truth. 

I Love You!

Infinite LOVE!

Crystal Lynn 🌬❤️

Crystal Lynn 🌬❤️

I am the Force within.

What I am is

Eternal, Immortal, Universal and infinite.

What I am has

Beauty & Strength.

This is my day,

and all that I pull to me, 

is for the highest evolution and growth.

What I am is the Force within.

I am not my body.

I am not my emotions.

I am not my mind.

I am Eternal, Immortal and Infinite,

and what I am has Beauty & Strength, 

and there is nothing I cannot learn to control.

~Stuart Wilde

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