It is truly my Honor and Pleasure to Tune into LOVE, and I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to support you in this way.


If you are ready for your own, personal reading, please fill out the form below,

or send me an email@,

and let me know which reading you are interested in receiving. 

Please send your payment to my PayPal link:


Your private video link will be emailed to you within 7-10 days, sooner if possible, once payment is made.

There is no information I need from you, unless you feel guided to share something. 

I am truly grateful for you and thank you for walking the Path of Love with me!

Infinite Love, Strength and Gratitude!

Crystal Lynn 🌬❤️

tune into love

I will tune Into your energy, your higher self, guides, source, Love... and allow the message that is meant for you at this time to intuitively come through. 

I ask Unconditional Love/Spirit/Source Energy, as well as The Tarot & Oracle cards to deliver messages for deeper guidance and clarity. 

This is a wonderful, in-depth reading that provides comforting and empowering guidance, wisdom and advise to move forward on your authentic path, with courage and Trust. 

Your reading is a private video, recorded just for you. A private link will be sent to your email address. 

I truly feel, the Messages deliver absolutely beautiful guidance and insight for what you need to know, right now. 

Every reading is a sacred message meant just for you, and I honor this with upmost respect and integrity.

My intention is to deliver your message with Truth, Honesty, Compassion and Love.

I recognize you as the Divine Soul that you are. It is simply a remembering, or awakening, of who you really, that is truly what is being shown to you.

You are on the Hero's Journey. I walk this path right beside you, and know, without a doubt you will succeed. And through this process of awakening to the darkness all around, you will come to remember your Own Light.

Because Shining, is what you came here to do!

Always Trust your own intuition and inner guidance above all others.

These messages are intended to affirm your own inner knowing, and to inspire you to make the choices that are in alignment for you.

Spirit works in mysterious ways and is always working in your favor, on your behalf. 

I look forward to tuning in for you. It is a great pleasure to support and empower you in anyway I can. 

You are Beauty. You are Strength. 

Immortal. Eternal. Infinite. Universal.

You are Love.


🌬❤️ Crystal Lynn

Tune into LOVE

Personal Readings

$111 ❤️ 60-80 Minutes

Message, guidance and deeper clarity, insight and knowledge that your higher self would like you to know at this time. 

A wonderful option for an overall perspective of your journey right now, and how you can move forward in tune with your Higher Self and Purpose.

You are welcome to provide your question(s) too!

Soul Purpose

Personal Readings

$111 ❤️ 60-80 Minutes

Messages, guidance and deeper insight into Your Soul Purpose.

What is your purpose? Are you in alignment with your path? What may I be blocking or resisting? What can I do to honor myself and my purpose? Whatever messages your HigherSelf/Spirit wants you to know.

Situation or Concern

Tune into LOVE

$111 ❤️ 60-80 Minutes

Guidance, clarity and deeper insight into your current situation or concern and Messages from Your HigherSelf/Spirit/Guides.

Discover the purpose and solution to align and empower yourself forward.

Twin Flame, Soulmate, Divine Partner


$144 ❤️ 60-80 Minutes

In depth clarity, insight and guidance regarding your Twin Flame, Soul Mate, Divine Counterpart Relationship.

This reading will look at the overall energy of the union, and how the energy is affecting both Masculine and Feminine energy. With support, wisdom and guidance from your higher self, your guides and unconditional love.

All relationship readings serve to affirm what you already know to be true for yourself.  

Crystal Lynn 🌬❤️

I am the Force within.

What I am is

Eternal, Immortal, Universal and infinite.

What I am has

Beauty & Strength.

This is my day,

and all that I pull to me, 

is for the highest evolution and growth.

What I am is the Force within.

I am not my body.

I am not my emotions.

I am not my mind.

I am Eternal, Immortal and Infinite,

and what I am has Beauty & Strength, 

and there is nothing I cannot learn to control.

~Stuart Wilde

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