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I am the Force within.

What I am is

Eternal, Immortal, Universal and infinite.

What I am has

Beauty & Strength.

This is my day,

and all that I pull to me, 

is for the highest evolution and growth.

What I am is the Force within.

I am not my body.

I am not my emotions.

I am not my mind.

I am Eternal, Immortal and Infinite,

and what I am has Beauty & Strength, 

and there is nothing I cannot learn to control.

~Stuart Wilde

Live for Love

October 17, 2018


It is Simple. 

There are only two choices you ever have to make. 

Is this Life or Death? 

Everything is Life or Death. 

Everything is energy. Everything. 

Does this energy feel like life, 

or does this feel like death? 

Does this energy feel like it feeds Life? 

Or does this energy feel like it feeds Death? 

Every choice we make, 

really is a Life or Death decision. 

What words make up your main vocabulary? 

Are your words the energy of Love? 

Are your words loving? 

Don’t think about what or who the words are about. 

How do the words you think and speak make you feel? 

Think only words that feel loving. 

How do you feel? 

Love is a feeling. 

Maybe you don’t feel love, because you feed Death. 

Maybe you haven’t realized you are infinite... 

and maybe you haven’t realized your divine self doesn’t want you to take your own life. 

Why give power to death? 

Who or what taught us to do that? 

Does that feel natural to you?

Does that feel like the organic way of nature? 

There is a power within you far more powerful than your parents, co-workers and friends. 

There is a power inside of you that came here to Be YOU. 

There is a power within you that can never be limited to programs, controls and beliefs. 

Who are YOU? 

Do you really know?

Is that why your life is so great, gotcha feeling so happy, so high…. not low? 

Oh no? 

Life is crappy? It’s awful. It sucks. 

It’s out to get me, and trick me and give me the blow!

All I can do, is scream and shout! 

Cry and get angry... and let it all out.

It’s time to step back, take a breath…. And Calm down.

Theres only one way to turn your frown upside down.

Some nurturing energy…

Some comfort…. Some peace.

Let me make you some tea,

I’ll brew up right away.

My magic is Love, always healing some way.

The fire is warm,

So get yourself cozy.

Relax and let go... 

don’t worry, I won’t be nosy!

Just be who you are. And enjoy this sweet moment.

There’s nothing to do.

It feels good, if you let it.

Your nurtured.

Your loved.

Unconditionally in every moment, 

From the most highest love.

Feel that love in your heart.

Always apart of you. With you. 

In every breath. And in between.

It’s all around you. Seen and unseen. 

This is You.

This feeling.

This knowing.

That you come from something Great. Something more than your showing.

You are the fruit of the All that there is. 

We are growing up. 

And we’re still kids! 

Why do we give our power away so easily? 

Why would we be so afraid? 

Sovereignty and Love does not teach us that way. 

Fear is a program of limited beliefs. 

You agree to be powerless. 

Accept your defeat. 

Is this real?

Is this true?

Your just a victim? 

There’s nothing you can do?

Does that feel right to you?

An infinite being. Eternal and wise.

How does that feel, when you see through those eyes?

You are energy within and beyond everything. 

And to know that, you must feel the depths of your being.

You must know that above all else,

You are a feeling. 

Not a word. 

Or a label. 

Or a number in a system of complete failure. 

You are infinite. Divine. 

Maybe you forgot for some time. 

It was how it was supposed to be,

You’ll see that in time.

To learn and to grow. 

To reap and to sow. 

To become more of who you already know. 

I sit by the water and I let it all go. My love I take with me and plant as I flow. The waters so healing, so soothing... so soft.

Causing me to stop. Pause.

And remember.

Enjoying the moments of simple bliss. 

Ready for the rapids, 

and ready to Kiss! 

Life is my Lover. 

Wild and Free.

Always rooting me on, 

to fully embrace ME.

The journey is here, right now in this moment. 

The path that you choose is yours, and you know it.

Choose Life or

Choose Death.

Your an infinite being.... trust yourself Now. 

You don’t need a reason.

Pretty sure I hear you say, 

Only YOU know what’s best for You.

That’s right. 

It shouldn’t be any other way.

Give your power away and be the like rest,

Or test out your Courage and put yourself to the test! 

I know you can do it. 

So get to it.

I’m rooting you on. 

I’m holding you to it.

Your Soul is so Brilliant. 

So Bright. So Right. 

I can hardly stand what I see, 

As I stare at Your Light!

In all the best ways, please set yourself free! 

I’ll be me.

You be You. 

And together, we continue on the path we came here to do.

Together in Love. 

And all that is True.

Love is right here.

Right now. In this moment.

It’s all that is Real,

So Let go, and just hold it.

Feel it and know it.

Trust that it’s you.

The Infinite You...

That wants to come through.

It’s with you right now.

Even if it was lost somehow.

Return to the feeling you know to be you. 

And after that, 

there’s nothing left to do.

Just listen and follow... your soul is the bliss. 

It looks You in the eye and gives you a kiss. 

It’s see you through darkness. 

It see you through pain. 

Its guiding you home.

To begin new again.

I love you.

I see you.

I know you.

I’m with you. 

You’ll know me when it’s darkest, 

Right before dawn.

Love breaks the spell,

And the Lights magically come on!

Your Soul wants to heal.

It’s designed that way.

Just ask it yourself,

Your made to feel your way.

Choose Love or choose Death.

The choice is always yours.

Fear is your friend.

Your teacher. Your guide.

A tool here on Earth

That helps us decide.

It shows our soul where we need to grow.

It show us there’s so much more to know.

We are Infinite.

Beyond any form of control.

We are limitless. Eternal.

Energy. Consciousness.

There is so much more beyond what you see.

Or what your told that you need to be.

Listen to yourself.

Listen to me.

Listen to others.

You can feel the choice that sets you free. 

Sets you free on your path.

Your sacred divinity.

Only beyond the realms of visibility,

Will you see. 

The visions of what is True.

My lips are yours to forever kiss.

Should you choose to listen, 

And follow your Bliss.

Infinite Love my Beloved.

Crystal Lynn 






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