You are the ONE

January 17, 2019


❤️ Artwork by my daughter, Hailey T. Cox ❤️ 


You are the One

I speak to, my dear.

I suddenly realized, and its become so clear…

Even after all these years.

You are the One, I’ve know all along.

You are the One who matches my own Heart song.

So long you were hidden…

Beyond all my sight.

Beyond all my knowing of your Joyful delight.

The Light began fading, as I entered the Night.

The darkness and demons, all waiting to bite.

Something so sweet, they put up a fight.

But I held my ground.

Standing Tall after each fall.

Choosing to Love and rise above it all.

I knew there was more to what I was seeing.

I knew there was a reason I kept on believing.

I knew I was strong, for reasons unknown.

Because deep in my Heart, I kept singing my song.

Knowing somehow, it wouldn’t be long.

It would all be revealed.

It would all be shown.

The Truth and Illusions would all be known.

It had to be Epic. It had to be Huge!

There could be no mistaking this sacred refuge.

You are the One who helped me to see.

Beyond the illusion and set myself free.

You are the One,

My Soul, it has chosen.

No longer held back, no longer frozen.

Your fire has melted the doubts all away.

All the lies and distortions, the fears of yesterday.

You are the One.

You speak to my Soul.

And trust me when I say babe,

That is all I need to know.


This poem came to me suddenly and quickly, in a moment so deep. Shortly after, my oldest daughter, 15, shared her latest artwork with me! It was quite a beautiful realization to see how in sync we are, even when we don't realize it. Love is a powerful, mysterious force. I asked her if I could share this, and she was quite honored! I am amazed by her art and ability to express Love so beautifully. She reflects to me how simple it all should be. We know in our hearts what Love is supposed to be. 


Thank you for sharing a moment with me. 

So very grateful to share the Love with You!

Infinite Love & Strength,

Crystal Lynn 🌬❤️

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January 24, 2020

You are the ONE

January 17, 2019

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Crystal Lynn 🌬❤️

I am the Force within.

What I am is

Eternal, Immortal, Universal and infinite.

What I am has

Beauty & Strength.

This is my day,

and all that I pull to me, 

is for the highest evolution and growth.

What I am is the Force within.

I am not my body.

I am not my emotions.

I am not my mind.

I am Eternal, Immortal and Infinite,

and what I am has Beauty & Strength, 

and there is nothing I cannot learn to control.

~Stuart Wilde

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